Israeli Innovation to Accelerate the Chinese Fintech Revolution

Upround Ventures continues to play a major role in the Israel – Asia innovation nexus. That means we invest heavily in building both our organization and our portfolio companies – and a lot of frequent flyer miles to China and Hong Kong and the region. For our Asian relationships, we identify and select the right Israeli startups to help them become, or maintain, their market leadership through innovation. 

Finance, to no surprise, is a major industry in Asia with Hong Kong and Singapore vying to be the international hub for APAC. Within Mainland China, we see the largest institutions, state owned enterprises and new financial players embracing a pure digital banking experience. This report shows why traditional financial institutions need to innovate to stay relevant and why the disrupters are on a constant search for the newest technologies to stay ahead of the game. 

Global banks have established or joined fintech hubs in NY, London, Hong Kong , Silicon Valley, Singapore and yes, Tel Aviv. Citi’s first (and only?) innovation center is in Tel Aviv. Barclays (where I mentor) added Tel Aviv after their tech initiatives in London, NY and Capetown. The list of global banks and financial institutions that visit Israel, keen to learn, cooperate and invest runs the gamut of continents. 

Israel is home to some of the world’s strongest technologies needed to fuel the growth of China’s financial institutions. We’ll embark on that journey with How Israeli Technologies Can Accelerate China’s FinTech Revolution 

A special thank you to Shir Bodner and Ye Qu of Upround Ventures who played an integral role in this collaborative project.
Esther Loewy | CEO & Founder
Upround Ventures
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