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Israeli Innovation in Targeted Asian Markets

Guanxi /gwaen-si/

guan| a point where two things connect 
xi| denotes "in relation"

Upround /up-round/ 

the pre-money valuation of the current round is higher than the post-money valuation of the last round

Asian enterprises & strategic investors face fierce completion for the best Israeli startups with more than 400 MNC’s vying for the very best. Israeli entrepreneurs are keen to engage with strategic enterprises in Asia but need a trusted partner.

Upround Ventures Solves This Problem: 
Corporate Innovation Program for Asian Enterprises
  • Represents business & investment goals of leading Asian enterprises
  • Fast and efficient process to engage strongest startups
  • Extensive network of Israeli startups in retail, finance, logistics, property…
Custom APAC Program for Israeli Growth Stage Companies

Asia is a major market target for strong Israeli entrepreneurs shifting East. These serial entrepreneurs seek value-add customers and capital to deliver key vertical expertise, know-how and to assist with market penetration in Asia.

Upround’s tailored program and Asian Road Trips “ARTs” in select markets in SE Asia and China further enhance possibilities for success.


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  • "Actually, what I like about Upround Ventures is that you are very focused on the Asian market which is pretty difficult to get in to. Your focus on this market really helped us penetrate - not only in the aspect of funding but also businesswise."   

                                                                                    - Moshe Vaknin | YouAppi, CEO

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    # Enterprises in China, Hong Kong, SE Asia and Australia in Upround's Active Network





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    of Upround's portfolio companies are led by serial entrepreneurs

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    Sector Focus:

    IoT, Digital Health, eCommerce, RetailTech, Fintech, CyberSecurity, EnergyTech, UrbanTech

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    Tech startups referred to Upround Ventures
    by early stage investors, corporate accelerators, other entrepreneurs
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    Upround Ventures investment partners located in Hong Kong, Shanghai, San Francisco, Melbourne and Perth